Partial Reps

Partial Reps are a set extending intensity method but they can also be used as an overload method. In simplest terms, partial reps are any reps you complete where you do not use a full range of motion (or very close to it). Generally the range of motion used is […]

Anderson Squat

The Anderson Squat (also called Pin Squats) is primarily a quad exercise but really an overall leg/glute exercise as well. It is a modified version of a normal squat that was used by legendary weightlifter and strongman Paul Anderson. He is viewed by some people as the strongest man to […]

spider curls larry scott

Spider Curls

Spider Curls (also called Prone Incline Curls) are a biceps exercise popularized by the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott who said the exercise really helped build his biceps peak. The name supposedly came from the original custom bench Larry used to do these curls that had 8 legs like a […]

time under tension

Time Under Tension

Time Under Tension (also called TUT) is a concept considered by many in bodybuilding to be one of the most important factors for stimulating muscle growth (hypertrophy). An important goal of resistance training is to create mechanical tension in the muscle. This tension is created when we lift heavy weights […]

Straight Sets

Straight Sets (also called Sets Across) in weight training means you lift the same weight for all of your sets of a given exercise. So if you were going to do 3 sets of 10 reps (3X10) using this method, you would do 10 reps with a weight, rest, do […]

Zottman Curl

The Zottman Curl is a dumbbell forearm and biceps exercise. It’s essentially a combination (hybrid) exercise of standard dumbbell curls with reverse grip curls. It’s named after George Zottman, an 1800’s strongman that used the exercise to build his powerful arms. To perform the Zottman Curl you will take the […]

alternating sets

Alternating Sets

Alternating Sets (also called Jump Sets) in weight training is when you pair two exercises and perform them similar to a superset. However, supersets usually have minimal or very short rest periods between exercises. With alternating sets you will be using full rest periods (typically 1-3 minutes) between each set […]

Cheat Reps

Cheat Reps are a set extending intensity method but they can also be used as an overload method. They are often abused for the wrong purpose of just moving more weight which decreases their benefit. When used as a set extending intensity method, the goal is to complete all the […]

Arnold Press

The Arnold Press (also called the Arnold Dumbbell Press) is a shoulder exercise made popular by Arnold Schwarzenegger that primarily works all three deltoid muscles. It is sometimes confused with the Scott Press (named after the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott). Although similar, the two exercises are slightly different, mainly […]


A Superset in weight training is an intensity method for increasing workout density (amount of work completed in a certain time period) by performing two exercises with no rest. The first exercise is completed then immediately the second exercise is completed. This is one superset. A rest period is usually […]

Yates Row

Yates Row

The Yates Row is a back exercise named after 6-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates who popularized its use. The exercise works all of the back muscles, particularly the lats and upper/middle traps. Dorian credits much of his incredible back development to this exercise. Although the Yates Row is similar to […]

Escalating Density Training EDT

Escalating Density Training (EDT)

Escalating Density Training (or EDT) is a program I first heard about through Charles Staley, a respected strength and conditioning coach. The idea is simple: sets and reps don’t matter since there is no perfect number of sets or reps. Instead, only the total workload performed per workout is important. […]

Forced Reps

Forced Reps

Forced Reps are a set extending intensity method. Although popular they are often abused by people using too heavy of a weight to start with to feed their ego. The goal is to complete all the reps prior to the forced ones with good form until another good rep cannot […]