Muscle Building and Strength Training

Here you will find the numerous methods and techniques (beginner through advanced) that are used to build muscle and strength.

Reverse Pyramid Training (also called RPT Training) is when you use pyramid sets and reps during weight training but with the opposite (reverse) set-up used in standard pyramid training. In a reverse pyramid workout the weights you use during your sets will be heaviest on the first set and lightest […]

Reverse Pyramid Training

Pyramid Training is when you use pyramid sets and reps during weight training. In standard Pyramid Training the weights you use during your sets will be lightest on the first set and heaviest on the last set. As the weights go up, the reps you do on each set will […]

Pyramid Training

Grease the Groove (or GTG Training) is a high frequency and volume strength training method. The term is probably best recognized with Pavel Tsatsouline, a well-respected Russian strength coach who is also responsible for the current popularity of kettlebell training. Grease the Groove is often the foundation for programs that […]

Grease The Groove

Isometric Training (or simply Isometrics) is when you train a muscle using isometric contractions and exercises. An isometric contraction occurs when the muscle tenses but does not change length (the affected joint angle will stay the same). Examples of this are bodybuilding poses or pushing against an immovable object such […]

Isometric Training

A Drop Set is a set extending intensity method that allows a typical weight training set to continue beyond normal muscle failure by decreasing (dropping) the weight and immediately (with no rest) completing another set (the first drop set). A drop set by definition is any set where the weight […]

Drop Set

A Rest Pause Set (used during Rest Pause Training) is an intensity method that extends one set with several additional mini-sets by using brief rest periods between each set. The general set-up for a Rest Pause Set is to do the first set, set down the weight and rest 15-30 […]

Rest Pause Set

Occlusion Training (also called Blood Flow Restriction Training or BFR Training) involves using very light weights (20-50% of a 1 rep max weight) along with wrapping straps or bands around a muscle to apply pressure to the veins (similar to blood pressure cuffs) with the goal of restricting (occluding) blood […]

Occlusion Training

Partial Reps are a set extending intensity method but they can also be used as an overload method. In simplest terms, partial reps are any reps you complete where you do not use a full range of motion (or very close to it). Generally the range of motion used is […]

Partial Reps

time under tension
Time Under Tension (also called TUT) is a concept considered by many in bodybuilding to be one of the most important factors for stimulating muscle growth (hypertrophy). An important goal of resistance training is to create mechanical tension in the muscle. This tension is created when we lift heavy weights […]

Time Under Tension

Straight Sets (also called Sets Across) in weight training means you lift the same weight for all of your sets of a given exercise. So if you were going to do 3 sets of 10 reps (3X10) using this method, you would do 10 reps with a weight, rest, do […]

Straight Sets

alternating sets
Alternating Sets (also called Jump Sets) in weight training is when you pair two exercises and perform them similar to a superset. However, supersets usually have minimal or very short rest periods between exercises. With alternating sets you will be using full rest periods (typically 1-3 minutes) between each set […]

Alternating Sets

Cheat Reps are a set extending intensity method but they can also be used as an overload method. They are often abused for the wrong purpose of just moving more weight which decreases their benefit. When used as a set extending intensity method, the goal is to complete all the […]

Cheat Reps

A Superset in weight training is an intensity method for increasing workout density (amount of work completed in a certain time period) by performing two exercises with no rest. The first exercise is completed then immediately the second exercise is completed. This is one superset. A rest period is usually […]


Forced Reps
Forced Reps are a set extending intensity method. Although popular they are often abused by people using too heavy of a weight to start with to feed their ego. The goal is to complete all the reps prior to the forced ones with good form until another good rep cannot […]

Forced Reps