Biceps Exercises

Exercises to build biceps that would impress Arnold!

An Overhead Cable Curl (also called a High Cable Curl) is a biceps exercise that uses a high cable attachment (generally at shoulder height or higher) to really isolate the biceps muscle for a full peak contraction. The biggest benefits to using the Overhead Cable Curl is that it removes […]

Overhead Cable Curl

Drag Curls (also called Body Drag Curls) are a biceps exercise made popular by the late Vince Gironda. Although technically a compound exercise, Drag Curls really isolate the biceps muscle by limiting the amount of help the front deltoid muscle can provide to lift the weight. Drag Curls are also […]

Drag Curls

spider curls larry scott
Spider Curls (also called Prone Incline Curls) are a biceps exercise popularized by the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott who said the exercise really helped build his biceps peak. The name supposedly came from the original custom bench Larry used to do these curls that had 8 legs like a […]

Spider Curls

The Zottman Curl is a dumbbell forearm and biceps exercise. It’s essentially a combination (hybrid) exercise of standard dumbbell curls with reverse grip curls. It’s named after George Zottman, an 1800’s strongman that used the exercise to build his powerful arms. To perform the Zottman Curl you will take the […]

Zottman Curl