Back Exercises

Kroc Rows are a dumbbell back exercise named after Matt Kroc (Kroczaleski). Matt is a record holding powerlifter and bodybuilder who has now become a transgender named Janae Marie Kroc (Kroczaleski). Nope, I didn’t make this shit up. As a powerlifter, Matt found at one point that his grip strength […]

Kroc Rows

Pendlay Rows are a back exercise used by the very successful Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay in training his athletes. These are essentially a strict barbell bent over row where each rep starts with the bar resting on the floor. He often uses this exercise in training to help strengthen […]

Pendlay Rows

Yates Row
The Yates Row is a back exercise named after 6-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates who popularized its use. The exercise works all of the back muscles, particularly the lats and upper/middle traps. Dorian credits much of his incredible back development to this exercise. Although the Yates Row is similar to […]

Yates Row